I guess you never can tell
with little miss Woods comma Elle

i will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels

to be trotting along at the genius’ heels

i will not be the girl who requires a man to get by


instead of side by side, i take his cue

heathers cast/crew share their favorite heather-isms

Into The Woods (2014)

Hello beautiful friends, I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating much lately, it’s just that I’m going kind of sort of crazy with schoolwork right now (I have two manuscripts and two ad campaigns to plan this semester), but I promise I’ll try to log in this week and post/reblog some cool stuff. And welcome to all the new followers, I swear I’m not this quiet usually and I love you all a lot, bye

What do you want people to remember about ‘Saving Mr. Banks’?

Don’t you know that where I am ain’t where I was?

sutton foster spelled my name and wrote me a heart. i think i died. @florenceshiyi, i’ll thank you everyday for this <3

Will you sing us your favorite song about freedom?

7/9 Songs: Wondering

"If you could conjure up Oscar Hammerstein right now, what you would say to him about your career on having sprung from him in so many ways?"

That time Bernadette Peters went to an interview and brought a bunch of dogs with her (x).


An Elphie trifecta. @shobean and I had the pleasure of witnessing this amazing women tonight @idinamenzel